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The Marvin House!

 The Marvin House is a magnificent Shingle Style house

located at the corner of Fifth and Main Streets in Jamestown,

New York. The original house, which was purchased by Robert

and Elizabeth Warner Marvin in 1897 was an eight-room

farmhouse with an appealing neighborhood and location. The

Marvin’s retained Ernest G. W. Dietrich of New York City to

design and build additions to the front and south side of the

home. His design resulted in a handsome home with great

character and charm. 

The architecture seamlessly blends elements from the Art

Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Eastlake styles. Vastly different

design styles intermingle with one another to produce an

environment of enchantment enjoyed by the upper class during

the early 1900’s. The home’s exterior is clad in an unadorned

surface of painted wood shingles and rough-hewn stone. Its

domed turrets, verandah and steeply pitched roofline offer a

rustic informality that blends seamlessly with the landscape. The

interior radiates an informal elegance that offers a warm and

welcoming atmosphere. Interior details include finely crafted

fireplaces and woodwork of rare and fine woods throughout.


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